About Egyptian European Co. for Wood Products

Egyptian European Company is of the leading companies in the field of wood industries in the country′s Arab and European countries so our presence is always in the Egyptian and European exhibitions.

We also exchange between industries Arab originality and European technology to produce the best always, we are proud that we provide high quality materials and delivery times, we are committed to work on time, in addition to experience and the competitive advantage to offer the best prices.


Bathroom Furniture

We have the latest designs and bathroom units in different forms to suit all areas because we are designing units according to space available, as well as high quality to suit all tastes.

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Privacy is always required, so we are interested in our basic products, such as inside and outside doors of houses, businesses, etc. ..., Most of our products from natural wood and we make it more Durability and good taste in the figure.

Wooden doors are not harmful to humans and the environment because they are made from natural wood, such as Sweden, beech, Arrow, and Pitch Pine wood, we have many designs of external doors and internal standard of high quality and beauty together.

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Hotel Furniture

Furniture has a hotel business as a modern and simple designs submitted by the company characterized the Egyptian-European innovation and excellence in this area, as we have a better furniture for the tourist hotels that make visitors feel comfortable and have fun throughout the period of residence.

Determined the most appropriate form according to available space and are developed on the basis of design through the actual inspection of the place.

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Egyptian European company make the kitchens of the various types of wood used in most parts of the world, featuring our products quality and durability as they are healthy and the process with good design.

We care about area of the kitchen design to be coordinated between the total area and area of units to fulfill the purpose and there is plenty that can be exploited in the future.

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Wardrobes European

Modern Wardrobes inside the bedroom, most of the models we have on the modern European model, which has a simple form and strength of manufacturing and the bedroom is the most intimate places of the need to thoroughly and carefully in the selection. There are many wonderful designs that give a sense of privacy with the practical use and attributes necessary:

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Windows manufactured in our company that combines quality and good design, we have various forms of windows in modern form and process in terms of use and be appropriate for the needs required in terms of:

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