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You can request the implementation of our products through the form below in order to be sending you a statement that the prices of the products you want and the rest of the details of implementation, information is required in order to help you, including:

  • Wall thickness / length / width in each of the doors, whether internal or external, as well as windows.
  • Internal or external doors you can let us know how you want to be opening the door from right to left or vice versa.
  • Wardrobes European determine the length and width and also inside the wall or outside wall.

As for the rest of the units of products, a bathroom, and furniture of hotel and kitchens is finally a site inspection before starting a business, because we have other designs are created by the physical space of the place, if a specific form of art design and finishing the final for each of our products you can take a photo for the actual location and shape of the desired product and attach it with your message with giving any other details you want in products that have been chosen.

For the shipment of products and installation is done through the company's sales department to regulate the delivery times for our customers, and you can contact us or by direct contact to respond to any further questions Click Here.

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